Achieving the Bright White-Blue Zone in Interior Design

By: Angelo Adamo, Creative Director of Design Elemental

Rendering of Flagship Model Home – Tour available early Summer 2021 (by associate designer Koralia Giori)

There are specific moments in life which you preserve as memories.  These memories are stored as vital snapshots that form our unique personalities.

To begin the process of today’s modern interior design, you need to discover the value of these snapshots and how they affect your response to color, texture, and scent.

Somehow, we have lost our ability reconnect to our senses because of information overload from social media.  However, my method called Human Sense Connectivity enables us to reconsider our connections. 

Athletes achieve optimal success when they enter a “zone” which is when there is synergy between motion and memories.  The objective to achieving the “zone” is finding your trigger points.  Athletes relentlessly practice and rehearse their trigger points and to remember a scheduled process that coaches prepare for optimal performances.

Surprisingly, I use this same method of finding your zone with interior design.  Finding your zone with design is to realize the correlation between reality and your trigger points. Colors, texture, and scent are primarily the senses that emotionally influence your design decisions.

Human Sense Connectivity is the zone between your snapshots and reality. This method is a new version of interior design that allows a more purposeful living environment.

One of my favourite beaches in South Australia – Port Elliot

I grew up near a beautiful beach called Grange Beach in Adelaide, South Australia.  I would exercise almost daily at Grange Beach when I was a teenager.  All my aspirations and determination were built during these moments.  I vividly remember the bright white-blue colors of the sky that have become my vital snapshots.  This is my way of connecting with home in Adelaide and it assures me with the emotions of comfort and solitude.

Designing your space using memories and trigger points are methods for a more purposeful interior.  There are visual and meditative techniques that I use to tap into the zone. However, this does not prevent you from creating a high-end luxury interior but rather a guide to your finish and material selections. Your style of design is dictated by your fashion sense and cultured background.  The connections between materials and objects are controlled by familiarity and personal attractions.

The future of interior design is not only about the sustainability of building but to feel connected to your environment.  Finding clarity within your space provides support and direction to a modern lifestyle that is going to become more holistic and authentic. 

I am excited to announce that early next April 2021, Socks Construction’s Design Elemental will open its first flagship studio that will allow you to choose your custom tailored Component Construction home with luxury brands like Holland & Sherry, DuChateau flooring, Farrow & Ball paints, Palecek Furniture & Lighting, Polywood outdoor furniture, Strictly plumbing, Adamo Style scent products, Rizzoli Design books, and our exclusive porcelain tile series. 

Also, our first Modern Luxury home nestled in the woods of Frankfort, MI will be available to tour late Spring 2021.  Marketing and images for our exclusive modern home is coming soon in December 2020.

For more information on our home series packages and exclusive custom homes, please contact Angelo Adamo (Creative Director) at 231-631-0055 or

Human Sense Connectivity

A new approach to Interior Design

Angelo Adamo, creative director for Design Elemental (a division of Socks Construction) in Traverse City, Michigan, is setting his sights into the future of modern day interiors using a scientific method called Human Sense Connectivity (HSC). The study of HSC is to create an interior that is based on the individual’s memories of color, texture, and scent.

Modern State Micro Units – Design Elementals first component construction building

It all began growing up in Australia and spending time with his Italian grandparents in Naples, Italy. “It was the most influential time of my life when I was able to experience the culture and history of the Italians and how their style of living is based on the values of scent, color, and texture.”

Before entering the design industry Angelo graduated as a sports scientist. His specialty was coaching Australian athletes using visualization techniques and memory consulting. ” Winning should not be the main objective in sport. Its finding clarity that allows for someone to win regardless of the result. This method of clarity builds a road map for passions to move forward with a self-awareness and drive that doesn’t rely on external factors.” This is now Angelo’s method as a creative director.

Living the in USA since 1996 has allowed Angelo to blend his science background into the field of interior design. After graduating at the Harrington College of Design in Chicago, he started his career in NYC with renown firms like Sandra Nunnerley Inc. and Darren Henault Interiors. Moving to North Carolina was another learning process that broaden Angelo’s perspective in commercial, workplace, and institutional designs.

Modern State – 4 months to build using Component Construction

“I had an opportunity in North Carolina to better understand design phases for corporate and commercial interiors. However, it was difficult to allow my theory of human sense connectivity to formulate because architect firms can be a very structured and systematic.”

Angelo is also one of Polywood’s Design Ambassadors. ” I am proud to be an ambassador to Polywood. Its a forward thinking company which focuses on innovation and solutions according to human body and mind. Its not just a premium outdoor furniture product but a brand that has a sense of purpose.”

After 23 years of experiencing the design and build industry in the USA, the universe had finally discovered Angelo when relocating to Traverse City, Michigan. ” My wife created this opportunity as she became the VP of Interlochen Center for the Arts. Traverse City is a location that I felt connected to because of the environment reminded me of Adelaide, my home in Australia.”

Design Elemental was created in March 2019, when Angelo introduced Jonathan Lee Architects (Petoskey) to Socks Construction who are both highly regarded firms committed to building better living communities.

“Jonathan has been patterning custom builds using the method of component construction – a modern version of your original modular build. This method is more economical, a lot more sustainable, and time efficient. Socks Construction is going to change the construction industry in Northern Michigan and targeted areas like Grand Rapids and Detroit.”

Angelo has the platform to refine his practice and identify his unique approach. ” Social media gives us information overload and doesn’t allow us to judge on emotional reactions. Our current values are coming from what the eye evaluates rather from the base of our memories. Typically, we make decisions on what is familiar and how things effect us. Therefore, focusing specifically on the memory of scent, color, and texture, provides clarity and purpose to material and objects.”

Angelo is also developing a scent line called Adamo that will be available at the Design Elemental Studio coming Summer 2020. ” I have always admired aromatherapy and the influences of scent. I am developing home and skin care products that relate to our interior aesthetics, reflecting nature, lush materials , and our perception of modern day living.”