Introducing Design Elemental’s Series of Homes

New Generation Homes

By Angelo Adamo – Partner & Creative Director

Series 6 Modern

Since starting Design Elemental in 2019, our branding strategy towards sustainable build using designer labels like Duchateau and Palecek, we are revolutionizing how design and build can be accomplished for the new generation.

Our Series of Homes Collections is a package that can be purchased throughout the USA. All homes represents either a classic or modern exterior with the same floor plans ranging from 1200 square feet to 3400 square feet and only 6 months to complete.

Due to increased material costs and longer lead times for construction, our modernized approach to custom prefab living called Component Construction Systems reduces building time to 6-8 months for completion and costs from 35% to your typical onsite build. Our quality of construction is two thirds stronger because each home has to be earthquake and hurricane proof.

Series 5 Classic

Design Elemental emphasizes on natural aesthetics and modern European interior finishes and furniture. Our partnerships with Designer Labels allows our homes to install more value through our streamline and turnkey process. We control the brand, construction, finish selections, design, onsite delivery, and project management.

Our high-end finishes are incorporated in the overall building costs adding greater value to the end product. For example, our tile partner Luxe Tile provides our buyers porcelain that reflects natural stone, concrete, and earth, that’s imported directly from Italy. Soothing tones and warm textures coordinates with our natural oak (French) hardwood floors from Duchateau which has become our standard for finish selections.

Series 3 Modern

As creative director and partner of Design Elemental, my experiences in Sports Sciences has influenced our philosophy that is integrated into the brand called Human Sense Connectivity. Our approach is to focus on memory retention and how we compile unique responses to color, texture, and scent. We are not only focused on the efficiency of construction but also how design affects the wellbeing for each individual. This science approach to space and how materials connect to your senses creates a direction towards a more purposeful living environment.

Series 2 Classic

Design Elementals also provides our exclusive scent products that enhances our “connecting to our senses” philosophy for each purchase of home or condo. Adamo Style is soon to be available as candles, diffusers, lotion, soap, and laundry detergent.

For more information on our Series of Homes or our exclusive Series X (custom homes) please visit for more information on our floor plans, design label series, and process to become part of Design Elemental’s brand.

My beautiful wife Katharine and me at the bluffs in Arcadia, Michigan

Angelo Adamo Exclusive Interview with MyNorth

Thanks to MyNorth, Angelo recently sat down for an exclusive interview. MyNorth is an arts, entertainment and news publication that attracts around 90,000 readers per week. MyNorth distributes throughout thirteen Northwestern lower Michigan counties.

Angelo was asked about his efforts with Design Elemental and his background in design. MyNorth explained how Design Elemental has “… proposed a cross-marketing strategy that couples sustainable building with luxury living.” Socks Construction, Design Elemental and Component Construction work effectively together to address “… the area’s problematic housing market.” Angelo is surely making his mark in Northern Michigan while being one of the main facilitators in this partnership. This partnership is setting a new standard of affordable, custom luxury component homes.

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