It Starts Within – Building your home one Component at a time.

By the Creative Director of Design Elemental – Angelo Adamo

December 5th, 2019 Traverse City, Michigan

The year of 2019 was a remarkable year and perhaps the turning point with my profession. For me, it has always been meeting the right people at the right time. Meeting my wife Katharine, for example, has not only given me two beautiful children but the courage to never give up. It is imperative to have strong relationships.

Meeting Micheal Sherman and Dave Socks were another important moment. My introduction between Component Construction Systems and Socks Construction was perfect timing and combining these two brilliant firms are now pioneering the movement of the design build industry.

As the creative director and partner of Design Elemental, we now have a team that are reinventing the method of prefabricating buildings using a new system called Component Construction using custom designs with designer labels, which is considered the next generation of prefab buildings.

Our studio has modernized and improved the construction of prefab structures and the efficiency of delivery. However, unlike most prefab buildings, we have maintained the authenticity a design studio adds when customizing a building. Our focus are on the intricate details of classic and modern periods of architecture and design. These patented designs of components are now the core to Design Elemental’s brands strategy.

La Quinta do Muro is a project by Pierre Louis Faloci, a French architect who built it between 1983 and 1988. He received the prize “ L’Equerre d”Argent” in 1996, the highest French prize for architecture. A possible concept using Component Construction for future projects.

Dave Socks and his family, Charlie and John, have created a reputation as a high-quality builder and well-respected developers in Michigan.  Their ability to solve issues with calm and genuine sincerity is why their brand continues to grow. In the last 15 years, the urban landscape of Traverse City, a beautiful waterfront town that becomes a holiday destination in the summer, has become an attractive and cultural environment because of Socks Construction’s investments and leadership.  

Design Elemental is a full device studio, offering attainable building practices to unite spaces with personal values. The partnerships between Socks Construction, Component Construction Systems, and me, identifies quality craftmanship, bespoke architecture, quality-controlled construction, sustainable solutions, and luxury interior products.

Visual Inspiration for the new Design Elemental Studio opening in 2020, Traverse City, MI

With my experiences as a designer and a coach’s mentor, the market no longer wants just a home with more efficiencies, sustainable benefits, and economical values.

The next generation of homeowners are looking for a place to belong to. Today, we face a symptom called “information overload” because we carry devices in our hands with easy access to almost everything. This is preventing us from what we humans should be doing, which is connecting to our senses for a harmonious bond to the environment.

In Australia, as a young lad I had a clear vision. Explore the world and discover a more meaningful and purposeful life.  I have spent the last 23 years learning to connect memories by giving a purpose to an object or thing.  This philosophy, called Human Sense Connectivity, is to create a space that can have a profound affect towards decision making, restoring energy, and wellness. 

It’s only taken 25 years to figure this out but my formula in life is quite simple. Clarity + Direction = Passion. What’s more significant is that without passion, you do not have a formula. Also, I have realized that nothing lasts forever, but something inside of me feels that memories do.

In summer of 2021, Design Elemental will open its first flagship studio, introducing our designer label partners – Duchateau, Palecek, Polywood, Luxe Tile, Adamo Scent, First Class Closets, and Rizzoli NYC.

Our services includes realty, design and architecture, construction and build, project management, site installation, furnishing and decor, audio & visual, and window treatments. A complete turn-key service that reduces lead times to 4-6 months, a sustainable build with minimal waste, quality control of design, better structurally built system that are hurricane and earthquake resistant, and a lot more cost effective.

This is the new way of building a luxury home or multi complex that relates to today’s modern lifestyle and fashion.

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