Angelo Adamo Design

Angelo Adamo Design seeks to work in partnership with Designer Labels and Developers as the facilitator for Creative Branding and Design Strategies.

New Design Elemental’s Website created by Angelo Adamo and Greenlight Marketing.

I am excited to announce the launch of Socks+DE new website platform that introduces our design – build – lifestyle brand. As partner and Creative Director, I have led the formation of our Series X (Exclusive Homes), Series Homes (available throughout the USA), Multicomplexes (Condos & Retail), and Workforce Housing. Our Designer Label Series are our luxury brands that help define Design Elemental as a Sustainable & Luxury solution to todays modern living.

Brand Strategy is taking the customer through the journey of your story, purpose, process, possibilities, how to connect. As a partner and Director of Design Elemental is was important to include our Designer Label Series that represents the Indulge Brand for modern luxury finishes. The design focus is very on trend.

Our lifestyle brand is thoughtful and the kind of information that will impact the decision maker and give them the information they need to make quality choices.

Flagship Home By Angelo Adamo for Design Elemental

Angelo Adamo Design has created the perfect oasis for today’s modern day living.  Applying materials that are subtle in tone and rich in texture provides a harmonious relationship between the outdoor and indoor environment. 

Balancing the natural aesthetics of materials and using quality design and sustainable build is the new direction of how interior design connects to your senses. It’s the new way of living. It’s the new way of design. It is Design Elemental.

Frankfort Workforce Housing by Design Elemental

  • design elemental frankfort workforce housing interior

The Frankfort Workforce Housing Project (FWHP) is the definition of affordable luxury. The FWHP is sustainable and visually appealing; the concept of component construction makes this possible.

Component construction is a specialized structural building technique that allows speedy and efficient manufacturing in climate controlled environments. The use of Design Elemental’s building techniques will eliminate up to two-thirds of waste normally produced by traditional builds, reduce costs and allow for a shorter build time. The FWHP was created in response to the growing housing needs of local businesses’ employees in Frankfort, Michigan, USA.

Adamo Style

Adamo Style is a home and body product wellness brand developed in 2019. Adamo offers a distinctive variety of scents in candles, diffusers, body and hand lotion, soaps, and laundry detergent.

Adamo engages customers with its unique experiences more than any other line of wellness products on the market by unifying scent with interior design and connecting scent with positive memories.